Are you comfortable with an investment backed by real estate? Do you want a great return on your money with security?

Do you want investments without having to deal with hassles?

Collateral/Investments: We lend based on real property – multi-family, mixed-use, small commercial properties – Investment properties only, first lien position only.

Property type:1 to 4 units residential, small apartment complex, commercial properties, rehab projects.

Locations:New York and New Jersey only.

Terms:12 months.

Amortization: Interest Only.

Minimum and Maximum loan amount: $100k to $2M per deal; higher Loan amounts offered on a case by case basis .

Maximum loan to value: 45% LTV; by exception up to 55% LTV.

Market Value determination: We don’t use conventional appraisals; we ONLY use fire sale values – values that are typically 15% – 25% below fair market value – fire sale value allows us to verify the quick sale value in the event that foreclose and sale is required in a short period of time.

Pre-payment details: Each loan has a customized pre-payment penalty which ranges from 3 to 12 months; typically loans are underwritten with a 6 month pre-payment penalty.

Foreclosure: In the event we are forced to foreclose on a property we utilize Stein, Farkas & Schwartz, LLP, a Brooklyn, NY based law firm with over 10+ years of specialized experience in foreclosures & litigation.

If you’re curious to learn more, contact us regarding opportunities to invest hassle free please contact us 718-502-6012 or email us

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