Our team of experienced loan officers will walk to you through every step of the way and arrange for your loan to close in the time frame required by you. Below is a list of what we offer our borrowers.

Real Estate Acquisitions:

Borrowers interested in purchasing commercial, small apartment complexes and residential 2 families plus conditions related to the property itself (such as liens, unfinished building, damage, etc.) may prevent standard funding from banks. In these circumstances, hard money loans offer a perfect short-term solution. Hard money funding can provide enough time to cure many situations, so the property may later be sold or conventional funding can be obtained.

REO/Bank Short-Sales:

JG Funding Corp. is one of the leading financiers of REO and Short Sale Acquisitions. These are short term loans for the purchase of bank owned or pre-foreclosure properties. In these situations, we will pre-qualify the borrower and property, provide the new borrower with a proof of funding commitment, and close on the property as quickly as possible.

Rehabilitation Loans:

One of the most requested types of hard money loans is for the purpose of improving commercial or residential property. The proceeds are used to improve the property, which may then be leased, or re-sold for a profit. Hard money can work well in this situation because of a quick turnaround time and flexible lending criteria.


Hard money loans may be used as a temporary solution to obtain a re-finance or cash out for a commercial, investment or non owner-occupied residential property.

Property Locations: New York and New Jersey

Terms: 12 months

Amortization: Interest Only

Minimum and Maximum loan amount: $100,000 to $1,000,000 per loan; by exception up to $2,000,000

Maximum loan to value: 45% LTV; by exception up to 55% LTV

Upfront Fees: Due Diligent